In mid-June earlier this year, our Ljubljana depot completed a major overhaul of the 541-004 Siemens Taurus, the first multisystem electric locomotive in SŽ-Tovorni promet’s fleet. Volume-wise, major overhauls are the most extensive service done at our shops. This particular overhaul was carried out eight years after the locomotive’s mid-life overhaul, or after 16 years in service. The depot in Ljubljana is specialised in maintenance of electric traction – including the newest generation of locomotives – but any task of this magnitude or similar such first-time overhaul always requires special preparations with respect to technical equipment and staff assignment.

After a few equipment adjustments, our specialist team of technicians from various areas completed what was the first major overhaul on this locomotive type, which comprised a number of additional tasks compared to mid-life overhaul.
Major overhauls involve a very thorough examination of locomotive components. Each particular assembly is unmounted, with some repairs done in-house and others outsourced to our partners.

Our depot carried out repairs of the pantograph control panel and blower fan, replaced the bogie rubber parts, impregnated the auxiliary power unit, overhauled the bogies, replaced the monobloc wheels on powered wheelsets (as appropriate), renewed the brake shaft clutch and brake rigging, and renewed the wheel flange lubricators and sanding system on the body. Two of the tasks – rubber parts replacement and blower fan balancing – were done for the first time, so we had to customise a lot of tools and equipment, purchase additional equipment, and rearrange the depot space where the work be conducted.

The 541-004 is already back to running service at SŽ-Tovorni promet, while our depot is already working on a third locomotive of this series.