Our extensive know-how and years of hands-on experience allow us to provide complete maintenance of coaches – everything from corrective maintenance and overhauls to light and heavy wreck repairs. Our team of technicians also easily handles all your interior maintenance needs for maximum passenger ride comfort and safety.

We are also able to do other maintenance work on coaches such as:

  • Wheelset processing,
  • Air-conditioning and other equipment maintenance
  • Interior redesign,
  • Paintwork and cleaning
  • Train toilets.

Our complete approach and the variety of our services mean shorter downtime for your coaches at our shops.


New passenger comfort requirements

Next to safety, comfort plays a big role in rail passenger transport. Bearing this in mind, we offer coach renewals and refurbishment of the interior and can also retrofit new elements. Passengers today have a variety of transport modes to choose from, so we work hard to make train travel attractive and encourage more people to use the train.

We continue to build on the experience obtained from being the go-to supplier of maintenance to Slovenske železnice's coach fleet for decades. Reliable maintenance translates to safety of both your vehicles and the passengers they carry.

In addition to regular maintenance, we also do:

  • Installation of closed toilet facilities (vacuum toilets) on Z-coach series,
  • Assembly and testing of emergency brakes with optional delayed braking and electric-pneumatic brakes,
  • Replacement and upgrading of static converters.


A new lease on life for heritage coaches

Our specialist approach and attention to detail combined with your specific wishes make sure your heritage coaches stay on track.

Regular maintenance comprises various works on the coach exterior and interior to make sure your vehicle stays fit to run:

  • Bogie overhaul,
  • Overhaul of the wheelsets with bearings,
  • Draw and buffing gear overhaul,
  • Overhaul of the steam heating system,
  • Overhaul and renewal of electric installations,
  • Renewal of air piping,
  • Electric generator testing,
  • Testing of storage battery capacity,
  • Instalment of toilet facilities and water supply,
  • Inspection and renewal of lightning and communications system,
  • Coach weighing and height adjustment,
  • Affixing of markings and warning signs.


The following services can be supplied on request:

  • Body renewal (refurbishment and reinforcement of the wooden body with steel profiles, paintwork and renewal of the body, windows, doors, steps and individual components),
  • Interior renewal (refurbishment of existing furnishings or production of new equipment).

Maintenance locations

Center Ljubljana

Inspections and corrective maintenance

Zaloška cesta 217
1000 Ljubljana

Center Ptuj

All maintenance levels

Osojnikova cesta 6
2250 Ptuj