Extensive technical know-how and many years of hands-on experience combined with modern-day technology, materials and processes worked by a specialist team of technicians help us deliver solutions which fit your wishes and needs. We provide a variety of services comprised of scheduled maintenance, which comprises preventative maintenance with inspections and complete overhauls; light and heavy wreck repair ; and conversions, modifications and upgrades.



  • Based at strategic locations on the crossroads of Corridor V and X,
  • Skilled team of technicians, extensive know-how and experience,
  • Internationally certified and licensed,
  • Ability to respond to wagon breakdowns on Slovenian rail network and elsewhere,
  • Logistics support (consigment notes –wagon trip to a depot and from depot to destination, stabling at depots),
  • Good customer support.


Your wagons - our care

We have been in the business a long time so we know a wide variety of wagon types and series along with their particularities. That is why we are able to provide effective maintenance with minimum downtimes. Our services comprise:

  • Repairs and overhauls of freight wagons and tank wagons,
  • Maintenance and processing of wheelsets, buffing and draw gear, and screw couplings,
  • Complete bogie maintenance,
  • VPI-EMG 07 compliant brake system maintenance together with complete brake tests (Br0, Br2 and Br3); overhauls of brake types O, SW/Ch, DK, MH and KE, and integrated brake types IBB and CFCB,
  • Tank wagon pressure testing (including wagons for carrying dangerous goods according to RID) with our own inspection body (not applicable to gas tank wagons),
  • VPI-EMG-compliant non-destructive testing (UT, MT, PT, VT) performed by a team who are certified to EN ISO 9712:2012 and a workshop with DIN 27201-7 certification,
  • EVIC-based axle inspections according to GCU,
  • VPI-EMG-compliant measurement and internal stress testing of solid wheels,
  • General repairs, wreck repair, repair of irregularities (cracked welds, tank cracks, fatigue cracks, bogie cracks),
  • Production of new components and parts,
  • Interior and exterior cleaning and washing of conventional and tank wagons,
  • Sand blasting and paintwork.


Adding value to your wagons

We look at the current changing environment, new transport technologies and cargo types, and your specific wishes as challenges that lead to new market opportunities. Solutions are tailored with your input in mind to best satisfy your requirements and bring benefit to both sides. We modify or completely refurbish existing units to give them a new lease on life.

Extensive know-how and experience, good worksite and depot equipment, international accreditations and skilled staff are our chief strenghts in freight wagon modification and refurbishment.

We continue to build on these strengths to be able to deliver complete and customised solutions according to your requests. We offer turn-key modification and refurbishment services which include the whole process from concept to implementation and testing:

  • Design of conceptual technical solutions,
  • Technical assistance – production of technical documents,
  • Wagon modifications – from small changes to large complex projects,
  • Complete conversions to a different wagon series,
  • Complete overhauls of wagons and components,
  • Sand blasting and paintwork,
  • Testing,
  • Production of components and mechanisms,
  • Metal panel and profile processing,
  • Obtaining authorisation for placing in service on request.

Maintenance locations

Center Dobova


Ul.15. aprila 23
8257 Dobova

Center Divača

Ul. Ludvika Požrlja 22
6215 Divača

Worksite Koper

Srmin 8
5000 Koper

Worksite Zalog

Zaloška cesta 261
1000 Ljubljana

Worksite Tezno

Vodovodna 34a
2000 Maribor