Our growth is aligned with the technology advancements surrounding rolling stock development. When it comes to electric traction, most of our work is done on locomotives built by Alstom, Ansaldo, and Siemens, with Đuro Đaković (Brissonneau et Lotz, Jenbacher Werke GmbH and General Motors license), Macosa (General Motors license), General Motors, Siemens and Vossloh units making up most of our experience in diesel loc maintenance.



  • Extensive experience dating back to the days of steam railway,
  • Rapid response,
  • Technical know-how and specialised technicians,
  • One-stop shop for locomotive maintenance,
  • Continuous improvement of our expertise and services,
  • Renewal of old locomotives,
  • Repairs to the whole unit or individual components.


We have the experience, technical know-how, equipment and expertise to provide the optimal solution for your locomotive maintenance needs. Be it simple running repairs and inspections or large-scale scheduled overhauls – we make sure you get the maintenance you want. Our workshop crews in Ljubljana, Divača and Maribor perform a variety of services, including:

  • Preventative maintenance – inspections and overhauls,
  • Corrective maintenance – inspections and repairs of irregularities and wreck damage,
  • Reconditioning, conversion and upgrades,
  • Modification and modernisations.

Inspections and repairs can also be performed at other locations on request.


Telecomms and on-board signalling equipment

Our technicians have both the skills and the specialised equipment needed to service the telecommunications and signalling equipment fitted on your vehicles – we repair old systems, install new units and produce documents necessary in obtaining the relevant authorisations.  We are licensed to repair, test, install and launch new equipment built by Center Systems, Funkwerk, Kapsch, Siemens, Mirel, AngelStar, RIZ and SEL.


Electric loc maintenance you can rely on

Next to preventative maintenance, we offer component repairs and spare part production including:

  • Complete anti-corrosion protection of the locomotive body,
  • Replacement of electric and air fittings,
  • Reconditioning of the drive wheels units and bogies,
  • Reconditioning of gear wheels and gearboxes,
  • Maintenance and renewal of wheelsets by replacing axles, monobloc wheels, tyres, bearings, gears and housings,
  • Repair of AC and DC engines,
  • Repair of pantographs, all types type of contactors, circuit breakers, start-up resistors and other electrification equipment,
  • Overhauls of brake and air equipment,
  • Air-conditioning renewal.

Refurbishment and modification work also includes producing the relevant documents.

One-stop shop for your diesel locomotives

Because the rail network in Europe is not fully electrified yet, trains on non-electrified sections are worked by diesel traction, typically comprised of older units for which we go the extra mile in servicing to make sure they stay on track.

Next to preventative and corrective maintenance, we also do modification and refurbishment of the power units as well as bodywork and interior facilities.  Old diesel locomotives can be completely refurbished and supplied with new engines and other components, which gives each unit a new lease on life. We also produce the relevant documents for every refurbishment and modification work.

Your diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic locomotives can be completely refurbished and supplied with:

  • New diesel power units of manufacturers such as Caterpillar, MTU, Wärtsila, and Isotta Fraschini,
  • New braking systems such as P-blocks for air brakes, parking brake cylinder, screw air compressor, drying equipment and other,
  • Train protection systems such as a vigilance device, train radio, Hasler speed indicator unit, and automatic train control,
  • Replacement of low- and high-voltage electric equipment, elements and assemblies,
  • Pre-isolation and vacuum impregnation of electric machinery,
  • Refurbished driving cabs with new furnishings, new lights, air conditioning, noise- and heat-control solutions, and renewed control panel.

Maintenance locations

Center Ljubljana

Maintenance of electric locomotives (all maintenance levels) & diesel locomotives (inspections and corrective maintenance)

Zaloška cesta 217
1000 Ljubljana

Center Maribor

Maintenance of diesel locomotives (all maintenance levels)

Kurilniška ulica 8
2000 Maribor

Center Divača

Maintenance of diesel locomotives (inspections and corrective maintenance)

Ul. Ludvika Požrlja 22
6215 Divača