Maintenance of passenger trains is aimed to improve their functionality and ensure safety for passengers. Our shops are equiped to handle both electric and diesel trains as well as vehicles with tilting body systems. A lot of our experience is with FIAT, MBB and Stadler DMUs and Siemens, Pendolino and Stadler EMUs. Being a long-time provider of maintenance to SŽ fleet is another proof of our credibility as a supplier of rail maintenance services. The experience and know-how we gathered to date is also shared with our partners.

Complete maintenance of passenger trains comprises inspections, large-scale overhauls and wreck repair.

Improved functionality and better image

Rail passenger requires day-to-day quality maintenance to make sure the trains can run service reliably and safely. Be it a daily commute or a journey to some place far away – next to travel costs and speed, comfort is the make-or-break factor when it comes to encouraging people to use the train. This is also aligned with the efforts to protect the environment and the current European policies to cut emissions. With ridership numbers likely to grow in the future, there will also be more expectations to meet when it comes to train travel.

At SŽ – VIT, we are up to the challenge. Additionally to conventional maintenance of multiple units, older vehicles can be:

  • rebuilt,
  • modified,
  • retrofitted,
  • renewed and refurbished.

Refurbishment, modification, and renewal work is mostly done on DMUs, which typically require of multiple-unit trains is carried out mainly on DMUs which need renovation of traction units, or modernisation of their interior and new external appearance. We will carefully examine your train, provide you with all the necessary documentation, and prepare a design for a new internal and external appearance according to your wishes. We will renew worn parts, or replace them with new parts which are produced in our workshop. Your train will be thus completely renewed and ready for the transport of demanding modern passengers.

Maintenance locations

Center Ljubljana

EMUs and DMUs maintenance

Zaloška cesta 217
1000 Ljubljana

Center Maribor

DMUs maintenance

Kurilniška ulica 8
2000 Maribor