Wheelsets play a special role in every rail vehicle - when in good condition, your fleet will run smoothly, safely and reliably. We can offer complete and quality services in wheelset maintenance because we have the experience, specialist know-how and technical equipment to do so while also making investment into reconditioning machines, equipment and purpose-built tools and providing regular training for our crew to stay up-to-date on new developments in the industry.


Our main advantages in wheelset processing:

  • Flexible approach to your needs,
  • Quality services and value for money,
  • Ability to handle a wide variety of wheelsets,
  • Also accept low-volume services.

Our shops are the right address for wheelsets regardless of vehicle type – we can handle everything from freight wagons, coaches and maintenance-of-way cars to electric and diesel locomotives and other powered units. Maintenance is provided at relevant quality standards for both tyred and monobloc wheels.


Our services comprise:

  • IL, IS1, IS2, IS3 (VPI)
  • New TSI-compliant wheelsets (BA 303, BA 314, BA ULT23 and BA ULT25)
  • Re-tyring
  • Reconditioning of driving wheel units
  • Underfloor machining
  • Non-destructive testing (VT, PT, MT, UT)


Buffing and draw gear

For trains to run safely and reliable, each of their components must be in good condition. Our equipment and technical know-how enable us to deliver maintenance, modifications and testing on buffers and draw gear including screw couplings and draw hooks.

Buffing and draw gear is dismounted and disassembled, with each component cleaned and measured.  Elements are controlled to the quality standards appropriate to their intended use and replaced if they no longer meet the relevant safety requirements. Before mounting, a final round of measurements and testing is done on each component.

Maintenance locations

Center Ptuj


Osojnikova cesta 6
2250 Ptuj

Center Ljubljana

Underfloor machining

Zaloška cesta 217
1000 Ljubljana