The quality of our products and services in maintenance, traction and technical services is comparable to European standards, aiming to increase availability and reliability of your rolling stock and boost your competitiveness. Actions agreed at the level of Slovenske železnice Group will be carried out at the best of our abilities to support the restructuring of the whole system.

We will continue pursuing our strategy to grow our business and boost competitiveness in the European market. Amongst other, we will up our investment in marketing to improve our brand recognition and increase our sales value on foreign markets. In rolling stock maintenance, traction and technical services, we will develop and deliver complete services with more added value. We will manage and maintain the train fleet of the companies in the Group, provide traction for their trailing stock and supply technical wagon services at competitive prices.

Our business in the medium term will focus on three key areas - rolling stock maintenance, traction, and technical wagon services. Given their nature, traction and technical wagon services will largely be supplied on domestic market, while rolling stock maintenance will see enhanced marketing on international European markets. We will also continue working on our brand recognition and company image and invest in new solutions for growth and in technology and human resources.


In 2022 we surveyed the engagement and motivation levels at our company to identify key values viewed as important by our staff, management team and social partners. The most important values recognised by Slovenske železnice Group are classified into three pillars:


Core values:

  • safety in transport,
  • environment protection.


HR and social values:

  • merit,
  • transparency,
  • motivation.


The Group’s business values by pillar:

  • supporting activities: workflow streamlining