Our specialist team of technicians also do maintenance on track-mounted plant machines and vehicles (known colloquially as ‘yellow plant’) for Slovenske železnice (specifically for the Infrastructure Manager, SŽ – Infrastruktura, and Železniško gradbeno podjetje, a railway civil engineering and construction service provider) and other businesses. On-track plant and vehicles comprise various maintenance-of-way machines, non-powered trailers and emergency cleanup vehicles, including:

  • Heavy-duty track motorcars with/without cranes, lifting platforms, and track motorcars for crew member transport ,
  • Trailers and cars with specialist equipment (track recording cars, rail- and machinery-carrying trailers, work platform cars, emergency cleanup cars, tunnel de-icer cars, maintenance-of-way boarding cars, fire engine carrier cars, chemical tank wagons etc.),
  • Rail cranes with associated vehicles,
  • Snow blowers and snow ploughs,
  • Tamping machines and other track treatment vehicles,
  • Road-rail vehicles.


The following services are provided for all vehicle types:

  • Preventative maintenance (inspections in overhauls),
  • Wreck repair (removing damage of various sources),
  • Modifications according to the applicable regulations.


We also do maintenance on various vehicle components, which includes:

  • All types of axle drive repairs,
  • Tyre and monobloc replacements,
  • Light repairs of propulsion units (engines) produced by TAM, Deutz, Mercedes, VEB Elbe Werk Rosslau and other.

We are able to handle maintenance-of-way machines of various manucturers from Slovenia and abroad such as TVT Boris Kidrič Maribor, Robel, Plasser & Theurer, OOUR RŽV Slavonski Brod, Beilhack, Rolba AG Zürich, Mercedes-Benz Unimog, TAKRAF, TŽV Janko Gredelj Zagreb, Frangeco, SGP, Geismar, Riko, Đuro Đaković, Mostovna Ljubljana, MIN Niš, and others.

Our maintenance solutions are tailored to fit your overall fleet needs as well as your specific vehicle's characteristics.

Maintenance locations

Center Ptuj

Osojnikova cesta 6
2250 Ptuj

Center Ljubljana

Zaloška cesta 217
1000 Ljubljana

Center Divača

Ul. Ludvika Požrlja 22
6215 Divača