Maintenance today is more than checks and repairs – it is our core business that improves vehicle value and delivers functional value to our customers. Flexibility, technical ingenuity, modern-day equipment and specialisation help us deliver complete solutions and build long-term partnerships.

Our maintenance-related services comprise:

  • Complete maintenance of rolling stock
    Includes preventative maintenance with vehicle inspections and overhauls and corrective maintenance.
  • Renewal and modification of all types of rolling stock
    Large-scale works to renew, refurbish, modify, upgrade or retrofit your vehicles.
  • Processing of wheelsets and components
  • On-site operations
  • Engineering and technical consultancy
  • Additional services


Our rolling stock maintenance services are known amongst and valued by clients both home and abroad. Quality maintenance, specialised know-how and skills combined with flexibility and the drive to take on new challenges helped us build partnerships with some of the largest private keepers and rail administrations.

Main workshops

Center Ljubljana

Zaloška cesta 217
1000 Ljubljana

Center Maribor

Kurilniška ulica 8
2000 Maribor

Center Ptuj

Osojnikova cesta 6
2250 Ptuj

Center Dobova

Ul.15. aprila 23
8257 Dobova

Center Divača

Ul. Ludvika Požrlja 22
6215 Divača

Worksite Koper

Srmin 8
5000 Koper